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“新品鉴赏”之98-19022 CLW (“Hanger Biweekly” of #98-19022 CLW)


“新品鉴赏”之98-19022 CLW (“Hanger Biweekly” of #98-19022 CLW)


  在本期“新品鉴赏”里, 很荣幸地给大家再次报告一个好消息!


  In this period of “Hanger Biweekly”, I am honored to report the good news to you again. “Butler Courtesy” has once again obtained the European BSCI Certification (Corporate Social Responsibility Certification) through the audit of the third party verification institution ----SGS (Hong Kong).

  Producer : Butler Courtesy (Guilin) Inc

  DBID : 390304 and Audit Id : 149254



  (注: BSCI “Business Social Compliance Initiative”, 由零售公司及协会、进口商和生产公司组成,是欧洲社会一个针对遵守社会责任的普遍监控系统,旨在不断改进成员设在全球各地的生产及供应设施的社会责任表现。BSCI认证即对BSCI组织成员的全球供应商进行的社会责任审核,BSCI验厂主要包括:遵守法律、结社自由和集体谈判权利、禁止歧视、补偿、工作时间、工作场所安全、禁止使用童工、禁止强迫劳工、环境和安全等问题。)

  (Remark: The BSCI "Business Social Compliance Initiative", made up of retail companies and associations, importers and production companies, is a universal monitoring system for Compliance in European society, with the aim of continuously improving the performance of members' production and supply facilities around the world. BSCI certification is the social responsibility audit of BSCI members' global suppliers. BSCI inspection mainly includes: compliance with laws, freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, prohibition of discrimination, compensation, working hours, workplace safety, prohibition of child labor, prohibition of forced labor, environment and safety.)

  在本期的“新品鉴赏”里,我们分享的是#98-19022 CLW (Clear White)。这是#98-19022家族系列中的一部分,专为一款高端服装品牌而定制的高端衣架。主要特征是在#98-19022基础上加配高端裤夹,技术参数已详细标注在图中,请您参考。

  In this period of “Hanger Biweekly”, we’d like to share #98-19022CLW(Clear White). This is a part of the #98-19022 family collection of high-end hangers tailored for a high-end clothing brand. The main feature is to add high-end trousers clip on the basis of #98-19022. The technical parameters have been marked in details in the figure, please refer to it.



  (正面图Face View)


  Shape:. Flat and wide head design, suitable for displaying all kinds of different logos; One of the remarkable characteristics why the customer chose the Butler Hanger is Graceful curve, streamlined shape.



  (形体图Body View)



  (俯视图 Top View)



  (仰视图 Bottom View)


  Surface treatment: as with #98-19022 series, try to choose three different colors for different materials: Concave-convex black, washed white and natural color, each with its own characteristics. The treatment of white washing makes the natural wood texture and white perfectly blend. On the basis of the overall white, the natural color of wood can be seen faintly, reflecting the beauty of nature.



  (头部展示 Close-up to the Head)


  Excellent Qquality: Adhering to the production process of Butler Courtesy hanger, to achieve "0 tolerance" high quality; there is no complicated traditional mold, replaced by Butler Courtesy hanger automatic forming equipment. Instead of the traditional manual copy, intelligent production takes place, which changes the traditional production mode of wooden hangers and is made of precision machining. Reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, at the same time, greatly improve product quality, add points to your brand and improve image.



  (左视图Left View)


  The shoulders: The Extra big and round shoulders is the best holder for your clothes。



  (右视图,Right View)


  Metal Fittings: nickel square hook, noble and elegant, highlighting its extraordinary temperament; with special hook seat, both beautiful and practical; Care is shown in every detail



  (钩部展示,Close up to the hook)


  Material:According to customer demand, use birch, ash and so on.


  As a leading manufacturer of professional brand hangers, Butler Hanger provides high-quality customized hangers for global brands every day.


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  衣见钟情佰客喜!高端服装品牌的最佳搭档! 谢谢!

  For High-end clothes brand, Butler Hanger is the best Partner.


  桂林佰客喜家居用品有限公司 / Butler Courtesy (Guilin) INC

  August 1st, 2019 Wednesday